8 Necessary Tips for Beginner Hikers

hikersSpending time in nature is a great thing. However, there are numerous things that need to be considered. If you plan on going hiking, knowledge is every bit as necessary as physical preparation. You need to get enough info about the trail and to know what to pack.

Every beginning is hard. Ideally, you should go with an experienced hiker. If you don’t have this option, these tips should help you manage yourself in the nature.

  1. Good physical shape is crucial

No matter what people say, getting into shape is first and foremost thing when it comes to hiking. If you are in a poor shape, you will only be a liability. Here, we are not only talking about your ability to finish the trail but also your ability to adapt to different, unpredictable and potentially dangerous situations.

  1. Learn more about the surroundings

Every hiking trail is different. You, as a hiker, need to predict weather conditions and to learn more about animals and terrain. This knowledge is crucial for your preparation and can be important later on, during the real hike.

ultralight backpacking

  1. Go ultralight

Ultralight backpacking doesn’t only refer to weight of the backpack; it is a whole philosophy. Simply put, you are able to do and hike much more with less stuff. Not only that; risk of injury is also reduced.

  1. Treating the water

During a hike, you will have to rely on natural sources of water. Unfortunately, these sources of water may be contaminated and can pose a health hazard. Trust me when I say that one of the worst things that can happen to you is to get a stomach virus while on the trail. As a precautionary measure, make sure to filter or boil your water before consuming.

  1. Food issues

Besides water, food is another thing that needs to be considered. You will lose a lot of energy on the trail. No matter how much you eat, you will never be able to satisfy your needs. This is why you need to pack energy rich food. Make sure to dry it and pack it yourself. This will save you a lot of space in the backpack. People usually make a mistake by simply eating energy rich food without thinking about the space it takes. Do not make the same mistake.

  1. Split the weight

Hiking in a group is an amazing experience. It is a great opportunity to reconnect with people, without any technology. However, there are also some hiking benefits. When hiking with others, you are able to split the weight. Good example is cookware.

  1. Synthetic clothes are important

Cotton clothes are one of the worst choices you can make while on the trail. First of all, they absorb a lot of water and sweat making them hard to dry. Same goes with wool. Make sure to go synthetic. These clothes are great for any type of weather; they dry quickly and are reliable.

  1. Bring a photo camera but avoid anything else

While in nature, you should use any tech devices. This beats the very point of the hike. Most people, out of habit, bring their cell phones, tablets and other devices ruining the entire experience. The only electronic device you need is photo camera which will help you capture the magnificent nature surrounding you.

You can easily and quickly prepare for a hike. By simply following these tips, you will be ready for any unexpected problem. Always remember, it is necessary to respect the nature and avoid leaving any trash behind you!